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"We just received the freedom bike for Natalie! She is so excited to have her very first bike! My husband and I can’t express our gratitude enough for you and the Jaiden’s Journey Foundation."

"Thank you so much for the trike for Keith! He absolutely loves it and we are forever grateful. This will allow Keith to enjoy the outdoors more and even get in some exercise. Thank you for blessing our family!"


"We have received the Freedom Bike, and David is enjoying it very much!  Thank you so much to everyone at Jaiden’s Journey and Freedom Concepts for making it possible for David to have the bike! I am certain he will get a lot of use out of it and enjoy it for several years to come."



"Thank you everyone at Freedom Concepts and Jaiden's Journey Foundation!!! It is such a wonderful gift to have this bike available to our son!"

"Thank you so much, we truly are grateful.  We are so excited to take him back!" (to the Conductive Education Center of Orlando)

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